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Privacy Policy


All site members will have access to specific member areas and updates such as news letters, blog posts, Website changes, advertisements of North County Consulting Services' offerings, and designated customer interaction portals. 


Site members have the options to sign up for paid services which are defined in member areas as monthly services and special monthly rates for paid services which would normally be billed as per hour services. 

Paid monthly service plans and subscriptions cancellation options are stipulated in the Service Level Agreements (SLA) and may vary between plans and negotiated contracts and SLA. 


Signing up for a site membership does not qualify as a paid membership.  Canceling a Website membership can be done at any time by submitting an email to with the subject line "Cancel".  The canceling email will be withdrawn from membership and will not longer have access to Website members' areas or receive emails for updates, newsletters, or blog posts.

Information Sharing

North County Consulting Services never sells, gives, or shares member information with third party marketing services or other mailing lists.  All customer information, such as personal identifying information, (email addresses, phone numbers, names, IP Addresses, and Billing information) are secure and will never be shared. 

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