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Serving Berkshire, Hampshire, and Franklin Counties, MA and The Capital Region, New York

Pittsfield, MA | Williamstown,  MA | Lee, MA | Northampton, MA | Springfield, MA | Albany, NY | Troy, NY | And More

Customized IT Solutions

For the Modern Business

 Your Technology Partner

The reason why we're called North County IT Consulting is because we are consultants first.  We are your partners in technology.  Today's IT is about getting to know your customer.  Your IT Needs reflect your organization's culture, regulations, and best practices for your business type.  We'll get to know  your company and where we fit in. Help your business to plan the best configuration of information systems that fit your needs.  Implement industry best practices, regulatory compliance, and best security practices.  Then, we'll support your business when it's all done. 


We don't just manage your networks and fix problems after they happen.  We advise the proper configurations of the correct systems to prevent problems from happening. 


Our initial technology review takes a holistic approach by assessing your organization's culture, business needs, mandatory regulatory compliance, industry standards, and best practices to come up with the perfect technology solution that best fits your organization's needs.

After your on-boarding, we do an annual technology assessment to ensure your business is kept up to date with emerging technologies that could increase your competitive advantage. 

We will be there for you every step of the way.  If you decide to upgrade your current systems or need support for your current ones. 

Managed IT Service Provider

North County IT Consulting was established in Berkshire County Massachusetts in 2017 to help support the needs of a former employer.  Now, we've grown into a full IT Managed Service Provider (MSP). 

We can support everything you see out there from the Bigger Guys plus some extra goods that you don't get from your average cookie cutter MSP. 

If you're looking for managed services, we've got them!  We can discuss an array of different managed services offered such as Managed Endpoint Detection and Response, Desktop and Server Support, Web Protection, Back-Up Services, Risk Management Services, Cybersecurity Compliance, and much more. 


Please take a look at the Website and see more about what we can do for your business.  If you would like, fill out a contact form or click on the "Let's Chat!" tab on the bottom left corner of your window.  We can discuss where North County IT Consulting fits into your business and get started on growing our business relationship!

Support for the Individual

We are now helping individuals who would like an IT Pro at their disposal.  This program is experimental but has been successful with its testing so far.  

If you are an individual, you pay for monthly monitoring and management of your computer.  This includes updates of your Operating System and Third-Party applications, monitoring of your required services, and level 1 support calls all for one monthly price.  

Once you are on the initial plan, we can discuss additional options to purchase a Backup Plan, Managed Antivirus or Endpoint Detection and Response, (EDR), Email Spam filter and malware detection, and other Helpdesk plans for T&M Rates.  

Working from Home

North County IT Consulting

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