Why IT consulting jobs are on the rise

Many Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) don't understand the work that goes on behind the scenes and only know when their MS Outlook is down, or if their computers are "running slow". Perhaps they cut their IT Department down to one person and save the money for people who contribute their organization's visible mission like sales department . I was once told that we need to put IT projects on a back burner because, "We're not an IT Company..."

Of course, it is the truth that many SMEs aren't IT Companies, so this is the natural way to run your business. Nobody can fault that logic, especially a Data Scientist or Programmer, heck, even Systems Engineers can't argue with that. So what is the lone IT Administrator to do when their employer can't fork over the proper support? Well, there are a few logical choices.

A. You can go work for an IT Company.

There are many IT Companies that have started up with a full team of IT professionals who provide IT support for other small, medium, and large businesses. Managed Service Providers (MSP) and IT Consultants help many SMEs with their IT needs. From remote tech support to high level strategic planning.

B. You can start your own IT Company.

It's not that hard for an IT Professional to start up their own IT Consultant practice. There are many software companies out there that allow you to build offerings and make it easy to manage IT services for multiple organizations at once.

C. You can abide, keep your job but remember, MSP and IT Consultants are out there and replace many of your functions at a cost that saves your employer a lot of cash. Remember, it costs money to keep employees employed at your SME. Third-Party vendors like MSPs and IT Consultants provide a wide range of expertise to many different companies at once and they charge fees that will probably figure less than your salary and incentives to work there.

The world is changing every day and technology is great at disrupting the way business is done. We see every day how business organizations leverage new technologies to better their situation and their mission but the way that it is done requires IT professionals who do it the right way.

Working as an IT Consultant is a way for IT professionals to leverage technology and other business' needs for experienced professionals who understand it. Specialized consultant are on the rise and with the new offerings for Managed Service Providers (MSP) it is possible to serve in the capacity of an IT Company with the freedom to expand and share your knowledge with more than one organization. In turn, it takes other burdens from the SME by paying a standard rate as an expense instead of the cost of a full time employee. It's a win/win because not every organization can be an IT Company but IT Companies can serve any organization.

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